God is Orchestrating Your steps

Jesus when going to the cross, during all his persecutions always kept focused on the father and his orchestrating of His steps. Eventually Jesus said father forgive my torturers for they know not what they do.  Isn’t the best thing we can do for others in persecution : help them to see God in it and take courage because he’s Got a good and perfect plan.

Help them to persevere.
Job did not argue over how he was treated. Job 13:3
Marshal Segal writes in his article on sexual sin.

“Sin challenges the wisdom power and worth of the almighty “ to indulge in victim mentality, in the I’ve been wronged attitude.  It defies God.  Victim mentality is so destructive in our lives!  It’s good to listen to peoples hurts as long as we don’t leave the table without hope and truth.

God confronts Job with creation in his trial walking him through the wonder and wisdom of all he has made. Shall the clay say to the potter this is to harsh?

God PROVIDES a fish to swallow Jonah. It’s a provision.
Joseph is innocently  put in prison… for Gods heavenly purposes.
If This sounds hard and uncaring I understand but we must realize we don’t know Gods good plans in difficult circumstances always.

Really it’s the most comfort you can give a person. Show them Gods in the center of there difficulty with  his fatherly hands of love. That’s comfort. We can handle anything if God is driving it.
In this world we will have trouble but take heart I’ve overcome the world.

Psalm16: 8-9

I keep my eyes always on the Lord.
With him at my right hand,(A) I will not be shaken.(B)

Therefore my heart is glad(C) and my tongue rejoices;
my body also will rest secure,(D)

I’m trying to learn to love better!

My mission statement for life:
I exist to spread the supremacy of God in all things For the joy of all peoples.


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